The Schedule

Make a Pass consists of 10-12 teams made up of mixed gender squads, all games will be played on the beach in Cannes. The squad is made up of teams of 12 people with a minimum of 2 women per squad. 

The Rules...


Game Duration: 2 x 10/15/20 minute halves with 3 mins break at half time 

6 players per game with 6 subs (min 2 women on field at any one time)

In association with the Rugby Players Association

The Rugby Players Association is the representative body and collective voice of professional rugby players in England. They represent more than 800 male and female current rugby players, as well as more than 400 former players.

It is their mission to support, promote and protect the interests of our members, from the moment they sign their first professional contracts, throughout their playing careers, and beyond as they embark on the next phase of their lives.

The RPA has also acted as the exclusive commercial representative of the England Team since 2004 and performs the following duties on behalf of Team England: Negotiation of the Elite Players Squad Contract, England and Saxons match fees, England team win bonuses and Image Rights payments with the RFU.

RPA are dedicated to introducing ex players into the property industry, encouraging potential employers to recruit ex-rugby professionals.

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